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From Tragedy to Triumph: The Inspiring Journey of Ms. Hagins through the EQUIP Reentry Program

Ms. Hagins displayed integrity, professionalism, and perseverance on the first day that she was interviewed to participate in the EQUIP Reentry Program in partnership with Connecting Communities and Families.

Signing up in February 2020, Ms. Hagins was determined to overcome obstacles to complete her education. She received educational incentives from the EQUIP Reentry Program due to her excellent academic achievement at Colorado State University. During her status as a student, she worked full-time at a local doctor’s office as the Office Manager. As many members of her EQUIP Cohort, she was met with grief and bereavement when her father passed suddenly during the Summer of 2021 where EQUIP Reentry Coordinators paid their final respects to the family.

Finally in Spring 2022, she graduated from her academic institution with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. But Ms. Hagins’ academic pursuits have not stopped with her BA, she is currently enrolled in a graduate program to earn her Applied Behavior Analysis Master of Arts Degree. Ms. Hagins is currently employed at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta after selecting that healthcare establishment from several other job offers.

We honor Ms. Hagins for the tenacity, devotion, and resilience that she has demonstrated throughout the years with EQUIP. She is definitely one of EQUIP’s finest that took advantage of this opportunity sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor – it has indubitably made a difference in the life of this young scholar.

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