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Additional Links 





Stimulus Package Info:



New Federal Tax Deadline July 15th:



Ga State Tax Deadline July 15th: 



Halting federal student loan payments and interest for 60 days:



US Federal Gov Unemployment:



Georgia News on Unemployment for Employers & Employees:



Georgia Unemployment Application:









Mortgage relief news:



No Atlanta Evictions for Next 60 Days:



Just Shelter: List of organizations working hard to preserve affordable housing and prevent eviction



List of Banks Offering to Help Customers:



Comcast: No disconnects. Free hotspots. Low-income households get 2 months free service



AT&T: No disconnects for 60 days, waiving late payment fees. Unlimited data



Verizon: No disconnects for 60 days, waiving late payment fees



Sprint: No disconnects for 60 days, waiving late payment fees. Unlimited data



T Mobile: No disconnects for 60 days, waiving late payment fees. Unlimited data



Georgia Power: No disconnects



Atlanta Watershed: Suspending all water shut offs during this time



Auto Insurance Companies: A lot of companies giving percentages off auto insurance during April and May 







Cobb County Food Resources:



Atlanta Community Food Bank:



Atlanta Survival Program: Free grocery delivery



Free Meals for Atlanta Public School Students:



Uber Eats: Waiving all delivery fees









The Giving Kitchen: For food service workers needing financial assistance



Bartender Fund:



Creator Fund: Freelancers/Creators, get up to $500 to help with groceries, medical bills, housing, etc



Resources for Artists:



Relief Fund for LGBTQI+ BIPOC:








Mental Health Services:



Financial Planning Association: Pro Bono Financial Planning



CVS: Waiving home delivery fees & 30 day refill limit on certain medications 



Atlanta Public Schools Updates:



Old Fourth Distillery: giving away free hand sanitizer during their business hours. Bring your own container and make a donation



Uhaul: 1 free month storage units for students needing to move asap








Scholastic: Free education for Pre K - grade 6+



Adobe Photoshop: Free for students until May



Adobe Creative Cloud: People with Adobe can get 2 months free  



NASA Media Library:



Peloton Workout App: Free 90 day trial



Free books, movies, software, music, etc:



Free Ivy League courses:



Free Online Museum Tours:



Free National Park Tours:



No Entrance fees to National Parks:



NPR: Free virtual concerts



Paris Opera: Free live performances



Center of Puppetry Arts: Free tours and performances 



Might Could Studiomates: 1 month free trial



Download Free Coloring Books: