Do you have your mind set on obtaining your high school diploma but are worried about the GED exam?  Let Connecting Communities GED Preparation Program help you with your dream. Enrolling is easy & our courses will help you with the exam. Our advisors will also show you what opportunities await.

Job Readines

Preparing individuals for employment is the hallmark of our work at Connecting 

Communities. We offer an 8 week  Job Readiness program and we provide training for low-income residents. We make sure our clients receive the necessary preparation needed to meet 

Young People - Meeting With Computers

Because most jobs require computer skills,  we have created a training program that equips our clients with basic knowledge of how to use popular computer programs that are used in day to day work activities. We also work on typing skills to improve  the typing speeds and Productivity,

Computer Training
 Connecting Communities Welcomes You!

Connecting Communites has years of experience in providing  job readiness/coaching services to underprivileged individuals 21 years and older. With referrals primarily made by Fulton County Department of Child and Family Services, our mission is to improve the quality of life in our communities by enhancing workforce skills and assisting young adults and

adults in pursuing better careers and obtaining life skills.


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